The best and worst about being an appraiser. Turns out they're the same thing!

06 May 2014 11:51 AM | Pam Herre (Administrator)
Don't get me wrong, there are many, many great things about being an appraiser, and equally as many challenges.  One that tops the list for me is the privilege and the burden of working from home.  Many of us work in home offices these days and we are afforded the luxury of working in our jammies, lunch breaks whenever we want and planning our inspections around what works best for our lives.  The truth is, I never work in my jammies.  Unless I am up at 4am against a deadline and the only time I have available is the time before the rush of getting a family up and out the door.  My lunch breaks are usually spent in the car on my way to or from a property, or huddled over the keyboard typing up an appraisal.  Planning inspections around what works best for our lives.....I cant lie, that one is pretty great.  However, its not 100% effective.  There are many times I'd really like to look at a property at 10am and they are only available at 5pm.  Those situations can be a little annoying, but they sure beat the alternative (a cubicle, a 45 minute daily commute, panty hose!!!!).  I'm sure not complaining!!

The flip side of that is the isolation.  Being an appraiser can be a lonely gig.  There are not many opportunities to network, hob-nob and socialize with others in the industry, save for the listing agents we meet from time to time when appraising for a purchase.  
Its important to find colleagues in this industry!  People you can trust to bounce ideas off of and compare business practices.  Since joining CAREA I have been able to create a pretty darned good network of appraisers that I not only trust, but that I also like. Just one of the perks of belonging to an association.  I hope all CAREA members have had similar success.  If not, track me down and we'll see what we can do! 

See you at the next association meeting!
Pam Herre


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